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Paying freelancer to compile open-source code?

I am struggling with whether I need to purchase a single commercial license for Intel fortran. I only have a one-time need to compile some open-source code and statically link the mkl libraries.  Can I just pay a freelancer to compile the code for me ? How can I verify they have a commercial license and not some academic or evaluation copy?

I did read the End User License Agreement but not sure I found this situation explicitly mentioned.

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I am not a lawyer, nor do I

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but I read the license as not permitting the use you describe. If YOU buy a commercial license you can contract with someone to use the compiler you have licensed. The freelancer is not permitted to use her license to build an executable for you when you have not bought a license. The following part of the EULA seems appropriate:

(2) use the Materials solely for Your internal business use to develop Your Product, in accordance with the applicable license rights and restrictions specified in Section 3 below and the documentation or text files included as part of the Materials; provided, however, that this license does not include the right to sublicense and may only be exercised by You or Your employees;


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