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Hi all,

I have created a Jupyter Notebook kernel for Fortran. Currently, this uses GFortran 7.1 and OpenCoarrays but it would not be hard to extend/fork it to run with ifort. The repo with the magic sauce is over at This repository includes the Docker files to install all the prerequisites including GFortran 7.1 and OpenCoarrays, as well as the Jupyter kernel for compiling/running Fortran cells. You can try it out online thanks to the Binder project: For the brief demo, you can click the index.ipynb file to run that notebook. You can also use this link to open that notebook directly, which will allow you to run it and make modifications, but it is read-only so you won't be able to save those modifications:

Also, please note that this is a demo/teaching/toy (on Binder that is) so you won't be able to run anything even remotely close to a full scale job. The kernel itself does not impose this restriction, in theory you could install it on your own cluster and dispatch jobs to nodes, but I haven't learned how to implement that quite yet. Anyway, comments, suggestions, and contributed tutorial/example notebooks are always welcome. If anyone wants advice/help setting something like this up with Intel ifort as the back end, I'd be happy to try to help out.

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