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Possible missing Macro definition with Visual Studio 2017

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I have created a new project with a C++ main and a Fortran static library subroutine. It all seems to be OK. However linking fails as the Fortran Sttaic library definition is missing in the Link>Input field. It seems like Intel Fortran macro which creates the Library Project seems to add a Macro called "%(Additional Dependencies)" which seems to be never defined as it can be seen from the following picture:


I can see that Fortran compiler compiles and creates the library. I am attaching the solution ZIP file. I can always enter the Libray location manually, but I want to find a better solution. Any help would be appreciated.

I. Konuk


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The problem is that, as of VS2015, C++ projects no longer include non-C++ dependent projects in link dependencies. You have to manually add the Fortran library to the link properties or as a source file in the C++ project.

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