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Problem during linking of fortran with abaqus


I recently purchased Intel fortran composer 2017,abaqus 6.9 academic license and installed both of them with VS 2013 in the following order

1)Abaqus 6.9

2)VS 2013

3)Intel fortran

I tried linking it by adding path in environment variables,but when i checked in cmd it is showing error.and i checked log file for error the error is shown as below

Compiling std_user.for
Compile command:  ['ifort', '/c', '/DABQ_WIN86_64', '/recursive', '/Qauto-scalar', '/QxW', '/nologo', '/Od', '/include:C:\\Users\\raj\\verify', 'std_user.for']
Checkout succeeded: Comp-FW/88E8809CDFDF
License file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses\**************(license file)
No server used
ifort: command line warning #10131: extension 'W' not supported ignored in option '/Qx'
End Compiling Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines


Please help me to resolve this issue

Thanks and regards

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The problem is during compile, not link. Take out the /QxW. That is a long-obsolete option. It also makes no sense if you're also disabling optimization with /Od. If you choose to build with optimization, then you may want to use /QxHost to optimize for the processor you compiled on.