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Problem with ifort - (make: ifort: Command not found)


I am trying to install a library using the make command. When i do this i get the following menssage:

ifort        RegPT.o Gamma1_1loop.o Gamma1_2loop.o Gamma2d.o Gamma2v.o kernel_PT.o calc_regpt_1loop.o calc_pkcorr_from_Gamma1.o calc_pkcorr_from_Gamma2.o calc_pkcorr_from_Gamma3.o  src/libcuba.a -o RegPT.exe
make: ifort: Command not found
Makefile:17: recipe for target 'RegPT' failed
make: *** [RegPT] Error 127


I realized that i must run the following command before trying to compile this file:

source /opt/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2020.1.102/compilers_and_libraries_2020/linux/bin/ intel64

But when i do this, i get the following message:

ERROR: library does not exist in SUBSTITUTE_INSTALL_DIR_HERE/lib/intel64/gcc4.8.

I have no experience with Linux in general, so i have no idea what to do. It looks to me that i must somehow inform where the gcc4,8 is. In the past i already did something quite similar changing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but i don't know if it is the case now. Does anyone have any idea of what i have to do?


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Just to be clear, this second error about is coming from the make and not the source command, right? If so, you've fixed the ifort problem and now have a build problem with your application. It seems to be looking for the Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) library. I don't know if "SUBSTITUTE_INSTALL_DIR_HERE" is just generic text or is something you failed to configure in your makefile. 

At this point the issue isn't Intel Fortran and you should ask the people who support the library you are trying to build.

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