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Problems Installing one API Fortran and C++ compilers


I have VS Community 2019 installed, which has integrated with it, 

Intel Parallel Sudio XE 2017 Cluster edition,

  "                                                Update 1 Composer edition,

                                                      Update 2 Composer Edition

                                                    Update 4 Composer Edition.

I have succeeded in installing the one API Basic Toolkit after much tooing and froing.

I am finding it impossible to install the oneAPI Fortran(beta) and the one API DPC C++ compilers. The installer just stops at some percentage of the install and spends hours churning away apparently doing nothing.

I cannot use the Intel composer compilers as my licence has lapsed. I therefore want to get rid of the above Intel Fortran compilers but I have tried and failed for the same reason, it takes hours and stops early at some low percentage of the task completed.

I therefore want to start afresh and uninstall VS Community 2019 completely and get rid of the presently installed Fortran coimpilers and re-install afresh VS Community. I wish to then follow with an attempt to install the oneAPI Fortran and C++ compilers and integrate them into Visual Studio.

Can you please recommend an approach to this which avoids the Intel Fortran compiler uninstall problems?


Tony Richards

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