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RPM signature problems on Fedora 27


I cannot install Parallel Studio 2017, 2018 on Fedora 27. I suspect there is a problem in RPM signature. For instance, given a provided RPM package I obtain the following error:

$ rpm -q -p intel-vtune-amplifier-2018-target-2018.1-535340.noarch.rpm
error: intel-vtune-amplifier-2018-target-2018.1-535340.noarch.rpm: signature region 62: tag number mismatch il 7 ril 5 dl 658 rdl 16error: intel-vtune-amplifier-2018-target-2018.1-535340.noarch.rpm: not an rpm package (or package manifest)

I am aware that Fedora 27 is an unsupported system, but one should take care that thsi problem is due to rpm version 4.14 (the rpm 4.13 version does not present the problem) that will be adopted soon in rpm-based distros.

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