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Response to JohnNichols' reply

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In response to JohnNichols' reply to my original post (below), I downloaded and installed MS Visual Studio Community 19 and reinstalled Parallel Studio - no joy.  I get the "unsupported" message - see screen shot.


My desktop recently experienced an unknown "blue screen of death" event that Dell's Automatic Repair was unable to resolve.  Dell tech support verified that there were no underlying hardware problems but reloaded the OS (Windows 10), leaving me in the position of rebaselining my machine.  I reloaded MS Visual Studio 15 Community edition, which I had been using previously, then parallel_studio_xe_2020_update2_...  I received a warning when I did so, which usually occurs when I install updates, so didn't pay a lot of attention to it.  I then attempted to compile one of my projects, and got a "file incompatible" message with a request for a one-way conversion, which I accepted.  Although I can start Visual Studio, it tells me my software is incompatible, and I can't do anything with it.  Any assistance you can provide would be helpful.

Mahalo, Mike McCurdy

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Sorry your project files are old and you need to copy them into new Fortran projects, I cannot remember why but it is apain 

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Blue screens of death are just the Titans and or someone else having fun with you 

Apologies for the humour, but Dentist this morning - she stuffed things in my throat and I had a small reflex -- 

I just spent 2 hours getting 4 do loops to work properly 

If at first you do not succeed move to LISP

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