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Segfault in MVAPICH2 3.0.4 with the Intel 15.0 compilers



I'm having problems same with this mentioned in,

pbkenned1 wrote:

The MVAPICH2 2.0.1 build causes the bodies of a few FRTL routines to be included in the shared libraries (e.g. for_rtl_init in The actual code is included, not just references to be resolved later.  That code is out-of-date and so does not run correctly.

The compiler legitimately puts a call to for_rtl_init, etc. into the generated code.  The link step for MVAPICH2 must be resolving that to a static FRTL library which is not the actual up-to-date FRTL static library.

If we are correct, then this is not a Fortran compiler problem, not a Fortran run-time library problem and not an Intel MPI problem.  It is an MVAPICH2 build problem.


but I cannot find any solution to it in that post, is there any workaround?

Thanks in advance.

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As noted, this isn't a Fortran problem, it's an error with the MVAPICH2 build. The only workaround I can think of is to link to the Intel libraries first (libifcore, etc.), then the MVAPICH2 library, then the Intel libraries again, and (if available) use an ld option that ignores duplicate symbols.

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