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Strange strings in exe file when compile with OpenMP


Dear expert,

When I build a simple code with OpenMP(or with auto-parallel option), I found there were some strings generated and inserted in exe file. The format is like below:

.data:0000000140007018 00000018 C ;unknown;loadfile;7;7;;
.data:0000000140007048 00000019 C ;unknown;loadfile;7;11;;
.data:0000000140007078 00000018 C ;unknown;loadfile;7;7;;
.data:00000001400070A8 00000018 C ;unknown;MAIN__;15;15;;
.data:00000001400070D8 00000018 C ;unknown;MAIN__;25;25;;

the 'loadfile' is the name of subroutine which only contains a very simple DO-ENDDO loop. If I turned off the openmp and auto-parallel options and tried to re-compile the code. those strings disappeared. All tests were done using release version.

Why those subroutine name be output to exe file? Could you please give me some advice that how to avoid outputting those strings into exe file?

Thanks & Best Regards,



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