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Thank you.

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Dear Mary:

I was reading the spam post this morning when you kindly gave me a kudos.  A note to the kudoes popped up on my screen.  I am just writing to say thank you, it cheered me up no end.  Not that the post was really worth a kudos, but the thought was nice.  

How we view things is really interesting, you have the same name as my grandmother, who was an English teacher from the 1920s and taught in some wild Australian places, so my perception of you was through the lens of the memory of my grandmother.  I only know one other Mary and she is a Catholic Nun, somehow I cannot see an Intel Employee as a Catholic Nun, although I have been surprised many times in this world.  

The thought intrigued me so I was doing some searches and found this book 

Anyway  thank you - you really cheered me up.  


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Has anyone read the new book Modern Fortran? 

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If you make a mistake in the post and use the edit function, the function works ok but I get an error

An Unexpected Error has occurred.

All in red background, but the edit shows up ok?