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Transfer Fortran compiler to a new Mac


Hi there,

I have a Fortran compiler installed on an old Mac quite a few years ago. It is a single user lifetime licence, but the support for it expired a few years ago. Now I have a new Mac which is faster and more powerful than the old one. I want to transfer the compiler to the new Mac, which has macOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.4.  When I use my new Mac logging into my download center of my Intel's account, I saw the compiler and licence number listed there. However, when I clicked the download button, I was asked to “Choose a Version”. There are 17 versions listed there to choose, all marked with “No access unless renewed”. The earliest version is “2016 update 5 (No access unless renewed)“. In short, I could not download a product I purchased with lifetime licence. Does anyone know why and can anyone help, please?

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You can put in a request to Intel Support at the Online Service Center to provide you a download for the old version - I can't promise they will do that. But the bigger problem for you is that new MacOS versions tend to break third-party applications, especially compilers. I know that Intel Fortran has had to keep making changes to stay compatible with MacOS versions.  So even if you got the download, it might not work.

Intel removes versions more than 4-5 years old from the download site. 

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Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for the prompt and helpful reply! I have now put in a request to Intel Support at the Online Service Center to provide me a download for the old version. Hopefully they will help.


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