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Two line program wont link ?

program test



It says "LINK error 1561"

No entry point defined.

Why would a main program have an entry point ?


what a god-awful mess - - - 

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You probably did not save the two lines to a Fortran source file or add the file to the current project. Such questions as you ask can usually be answered only if you provide sufficient information -- for example, a build-log, a transcript of the steps or commands used, etc. In short, we have no idea of what you did until you tell us.

"Entry point" is the linker's term for what is often called Start Address, i.e., the place in the entire EXE where execution starts. From the linker's point of view, subroutine, common blocks, module procedures, functions are all "symbols". "No entry point" usually implies that you are trying to build an EXE from one or more source files that contain subroutines and functions, with none of them containing a main program. "Entry point" should not be confused with Fortran's ENTRY (which should probably not be used in new code).

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Did you actually compile this? Or did you try to link a source file? Show us the command you used. I agree with mecej4 that you rarely provide enough detail to help you.

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