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Updates/Patches available for Legacy CVF 6.0?


I am attempting to duplicate an existing Windows 2000 development virtual machine which includes DVF 6.1 into a more modern architecture because software from that era is about to haunt me a bit and I want to ensure I have collected the necessary bits before I start.  I am not able to easily upgrade to modern versions of Visual Studio and FORTRAN given a bunch of other constraints.

The Windows 2000 virtual machine runs (mostly) so I can use it as a reference.  What I want to do is:

  • Install Visual Studio 6 and apply the patches to Service Pack 6,
  • Install Digital Visual Fortran 6 on top of that (or do I apply the VS 6 SP 6 patch after?), and
  • Apply whatever DVF patches that exist (I know at least one patch exists to get to DVF 6.1 which is where the Win2K dev machine is at).

We have all of the CD's and Licenses; unfortunately, I can't find the DVF patches that used to exist. I do have a note that says to look at the following places:

Clearly, both links no longer work and some amount of searching has not turned any DVF patches up.  Any pointers?  Alternate strategies?


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You'd install and update VS6 first and then install DVF. I don't know of a current source for the DVF updates and I don't have any copies. 6.0 to 6.1 was a free upgrade, so maybe someone else has it stashed away somewhere.