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VS 2019 16.9 Preview Testing

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I just installed the latest update to the VS 2019 Preview 16.9.0 Preview 1.  It wiped out the latest Intel Fortran integrations and when I reinstalled it -- it still did not work. 

I got the old standby error - unable to load project file.  Even reload did not work. 

I wiped all of the Intel Stuff. 

I installed VS 2019 and then reinstalled the Intel Fortran. 

I could not open magni2019 in the preview until I had opened it in VS 2019 standard and reloaded it and then it worked in the preview. 

I realize most people do not use this version - but Intel may have a small (0.000001%) interest. 




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See if the steps I list here help.

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The main point of Preview and Beta versions is to allow vendors of addons and plugins to test there stuff. It is unsurprising that there are issues. 

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This is entirely true. 

But with computers scattered across the globe, some in very remote locations that are difficult to get to, it is nice to test everything on an accessible machine on my desk first.  If something fails I want to know well before hand.

VS 2019 preview, 2019 and 2017 all update on a regular cycle measured in weeks not the months of old. 

Achieving NASA TRL 9 means you have something running for a whole year.  This is not easy remotely. 

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