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Version of Intel Fortran compiler required for MSC Marc

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Hi all,

I have a link in another section of the Intel forum.

I am however not getting any replies. 

Thank you.

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The classic compiler in OneAPI is just a higher version of what you had, the main difference is OneAPI is free to use so no licence is needed. The other difference is that some of the Marc scripts will need updating for the correct path to the various intel tools that are used. It is many years since UI have used MSC Marc. The notes in Marc  that you need version XYZ will be just because they is what thy last tested at.

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Thank you andrew_4619,
I appreciate the reply.
My only worry is if I need assistance from MSC Support. They only help if you have exactly what they state in the documentation.
But perhaps it will not be too difficult to find the scripts to update but I am a novice in Linux, so that in itself it can be a problem.
I am will certainly try.
Thank you again.
Much appreciated.
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Hi Andrew,

I have not tried your suggestion regarding using the classic Fortran compiler in OneAPI, but they did confirm that it would work; you said it would require updating correct paths, which they agreed with.


In the meantime, I did get a reply from with regards to extending the license of my student version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux*


Thank you again for the help.

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