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Visual Studio Debugger Not Showing Variables

Not sure if this is a bug, setting, or if its just plane not possible. When I run Visual Studio 2012 in Debug mode and stop at a break point not all variables are viewable. In particular it will not show some Derived Data Types (typically an allocatable type that contains allocatable types). This is a bit frustrating because, they are allocated and have values, but I have to constantly make dummy variables (e.g. TMP = A%B%C and look at TMP to get C) in order to see what value is set in the derived type.

Is there a setting or some way to have the compiler make all the variables viewable via the "Add Watch" or "Quickwatch" options.



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"typically an allocatable type" I presume you mean you can get the problem with any derived type and allocatable is not a required feature to get the problem?

I have another thread which may be the same problem but there is no formal response as yet. It helps if you can post a simple but complete example of something that does not work.

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