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Watch Window showing as undefined


I have  Vis studio Version 17.3.6 (2022) and  intel oneAPI 2022.2.0.9540 loaded on my machine, and am having unbelievable problems when debugging. 


The previous version with intel fortran I had on my machine did not work and I had to manage with the one before that , which I managed to live with , although it had its problems. 


The version I have  is unworkable to use in debug mode,


1) local variables in the watch window will only show if in upper case


  Name Value Type
  DIAGNOSTICS false bool



otherwise  I get the value as undefined


  Name Value Type
  identifier "kchwd" is undefined identifier "identifier" is undefined  



2) local array items such as IA(1) etc also get undefined even in uppercase.

3)  single variables in include show provided they are in upper case

4) all variables in modules do not show either in upper or lower case.


Are there some debug  settings I can use to get  these variables to show in the watch windows?


IN the vis studio 2022 /Fortran setup  I had before this one I had to click on the "round arrow" symbol of a variable ( not in the code)  to get variables to update otherwise  when you are scrolling down in the code the variables would not dynamically update



 hope someone can help


Steve Konarski


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Would you be able to provide a VS solution with sources that we can run and test debugging on our side?

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I have the same issues although I am using oneAPI and Visual studio 2022.  does intel figure out the solution?

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This is a symptom of the Intel Fortran debugger support not being loaded. The usual fix for this is to uninstall the Fortran compiler and reinstall. Note the need for uppercase variables and the type "bool" - this tells me that the debugger is using C/C++ support and not Fortran.

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