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devenv with vfproj flaps


Hey guys,

I've got a small project that makes heavy use of submodules. Some percentage of the time it builds without error. Some percentage of the time it fails with a set of nonsensical errors, with the first error being "Error in opening the compiled parent submodule file."

I'm using 2017 update 8, and my license has expired, and I do not wish to upgrade it.

I'm wondering if this is as simple as a file-handle race, and if it could be solved with something as simple as a sleep statement between file compilation passes.

Many thanks,




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Are you using the /MP parallel build option? I have seen issues in the past with contention between build processes. It could also be that the module dependency order isn't correct. Check the build log of a failed build to see if the order is right.

Another possibility is antivirus software opening and locking files as they are created to check for viruses. I usually tell my AV program to not scan my build areas.

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I read this post and it occurs to me that my solution used to parallel build and now does not. I noted /MP parallel build option default is off in my solution so I guess it used to be default on? Anyway, I set /MP and it had no effect. Is it disabled/no longer used?

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