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error LNK 2019: unresoled external symbol D referenced in function UMAT 41


Hello everybody!

I'm trying to write a subroutine to LS Dyna code and am getting this error. It however compiles and generates the executable file. When I run the executable in my application, it will show me another error (attached herewith).

Attached herewith is the code dyn21.f. I ony modified the umat41 and umat41v.

Can anybody please help? I'm new to programming.


Thanks in advance.

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In subroutine umat41 you have expressions that reference d(1), d(2) and d(3). You should probably declare d as an array (of size 3 or as appropriate) and device a way to supply values for the array array elements.

If there are errors during the build of an EXE or DLL, it is usually of no use to attempt to make sense of the error messages that are generated when the defective EXE or DLL is run.

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