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error LNK2001 ‘unresolved external symbol’ error when using IMSL lib

Hi, everyone, I have a problem related to unsuccessful using of IMSL lib

In my original source code main.f90 (which is written by other people couple years ago), IMSL lib are called using

a command 

 include INCLUDE 'link_f90_static.h'

However, the ivf complier failed to find link_f90_static.h file in my computer, and threw me a Error #5102.

I guess it's because the version of IMSL is different on our two laptops. The problem was resolved when 

I substituted the original command with the following one

 include INCLUDE 'link_fnl_static.h'

However, though the first problem was resolved, the second one emerged:a branch of error messages appeared in

the input window, like

1>imsls_err.lib(e1ucs.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol ___kmpc_global_thread_num

It seems I did not use the IMSL completely successful

I guess it's due to the modification of code I have engaged before, but I'm not 100% sure about that

Any suggestion? Thank you.


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Add the following line after the include:

!DEC$ OBJCOMMENT LIB:"libiomp5md.lib"

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