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fortran compiler 16.0

where can i download fortran 16.0. i want to use this in abaqus kindly do favor as soon. thank you
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You will need to purchase (or obtain, if a student) a license for the current version of the compiler (19.0.1). See .

Based on what other users of Abaqus have said earlier, I don't think that you need to use the older version of the compiler at all unless you already have it.

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I have had good success using recent versions of Intel Fortran to compile and link user subroutines to an Abaqus analysis.  Instead of the time needed to track down an older version of the compiler, I would suggest trying a recent or current version.

To run the Abaqus analysis with a user subroutine, I open the Intel Fortran command window and run the Abaqus command line from there.  For example if I use IPSXE2018, open from Start -> Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 -> Compiler 18.0 Update 2 for Intel 64 Visual Studio 2017 environment

The would expect the path be similar for using XE2019

Regards, Greg

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