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interface warning suggestion

Black Belt

I am writing generic interfaces and would appreciate it if the compiler would generate additional information upon argument mismatch.  Parallel Studion 2020

There is no matching specific subroutine for this generic subroutine call. [foo]


This does not specify what the match it was looking for.

Note, it is not always what the compiler is using for arguments on

   call foo(arg, arg, arg)


If the error report would be as informative as the C++ reports this would be great.

It reports that arguments/types used

along with the supported arguments in the interfaces


This information makes for quick work in isolating the problem.


Jim Dempsey

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I can file a feature request for you.  No guarantee when it might get implemented.

Do you have a small reproducer I can include with the request? Also, include the complete message you'd like to see.


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Black Belt

DEC Ada had great error messages for this case. It would first give you the declarations of all the arguments in the call and would then list each generic possibility (with their declarations) and tell you where they came from.  The diagnostic structure of ifort doesn't readily lend itself to that level of detail, but (at my urging in earlier years), did add some extra detail for certain types of mismatches.

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