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linking error after reseting fortran compiler options


Hi there,

I use VS2015 and Intel Fortran 2015 Update 4.

After upgrading to windows 10, I have had started to get linking error related to ucrt.lib. In trying to fix this, under 'tool>option>intel compiler and tools>visual fortran>compilers', I have used the 'Rest' option. 

After this, I start to get several linking errors (in form of LNK2001: unresolved external symbol....).

I went through, 'Troubleshooting Fortran Integration Issues with Visual Studio', by doing the following in CMD:

cd ..\..\Intel Fortran\VFPackages
integrate.bat "%VS140COMNTOOLS%" /u
integrate.bat "%VS140COMNTOOLS%"

this went well, but did not solve my problem and I still get linking errors.

I appreciate you help.





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The commands you used for resetting the integration had no effect on your linking issue, as the two are unrelated.

An important point - when you want to report a problem that involves error messages, it is critical that you show us the complete and actual messages and not some abbreviated approximation of them.  Even better would be to ZIP the buildlog.htm and attach that to a reply here.