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multitab problem


I have an old Compaq Fortran program that used dialog box tabs in the input fields (Ch 11 Lawrence's Compaq book). I now use Intel Fortran in MS Visual Studio 2017 and the tab code just doesn't work. It never hides the first tab when I want to switch to the next tab. I updated the libraries  used in Compaq to the current ones in Intel. Anybody have any ideas or have had this problem?

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I am guessing you are describing a dialog with property-sheet tabs, rather than tabkey-linked individual control elements.  This is entirely do-able in IVF.

IVF provides T_PROPSHEETPAGE and T_PROPSHEETHEADER as structures, and it is useful to convert these to UDTs in order to create an array of propsheet pages for multiple dialog tabs.

If you posted your dialog's setup code and proc function, it would be easier to provide assistance.


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I had a version of the program you mentioned. I have "modernized" it, that is, use as much ISO_C_BINDING stuff as possible. The IFWIN module is used. I've tried to have  the number of warnings at a minimum  You see that the structure of the program is drastically changed: every function and subroutine in a single module. The program works fine in both 32 bit and 64 bit code. I hope it helps!



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