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parallel studio XE installation



I have purchased a fortran and C++ parallel studio suite and :

1) I cannot reach the support : I always get the message : unknown product

2) When I try to install the suite on a RedHat Enterprive V7, the install procedure stopas as the system does find the 32-bit librairies.

  I have intalled the glibc from yum install as indicated by the Red Hat support; this does not change the result.

Therefore I still cannot install my Parallel Studio XE on the RedHat Enterprise v7.

Can someone help on this topic?


V Russier

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1) What mechanism/URL(?) are you using to reach support?

To submit a Support ticket, please use the Online Service Center:

2) The installation should pause with a warning and inquire if you want to proceed in the absence of IA-32 libs, but not stop entirely.

To help us better analyze the situation please look in either /tmp, or the setting for the environment variable TMPDIR in the underlying shell where you started the installation script, for installation logs that contain the strings "pset" and "issa", and then please attach those to a private reply to me.


It has come to my attention you believe you transmitted the logs to me. I assure you I have not received those and so I apologize the issue has gone unresolved. If you will kindly post a reply to this forum thread and use the available file attachment facility (Attach Files to Post - appearing below the comment space where you enter a reply) to upload a tar file containing the log files requested then I will have the logs inspected to determine what might be hampering the installation.

I further learned you re-attempted the installation electing to continue the installation past the 32-bit prerequisite notification; however, that resulted in still having no working compiling environment. Please just include all the logs from your system for all installation attempts so we can analyze them all.

Please do not email the tar file. Upload it with a reply to this forum thread or the only other alternative is for you to upload the tar file to your existing Intel Premier case #02602315.

Thank you