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question about versions of LIBIOMP5MD.DLL

I have several LIBIOMP5MD.DLL files whose file properties say:

Product Version 5.0, File Version 5.0.2013.227, Date modified 9/19/2013, Copyright (C) 2012
Product Version 5.0, File Version 5.0.2013.507, Date modified 6/8/2013, Copyright (C) 2013
Product Version 5.0, File Version 5.0.2011.606, Date modified 9/5/2014, Copyright (C) 2011

Is it just me, or is there something goofy about the numbering and dating?

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If you take the "Modified

If you take the "Modified date" out of the picture, it seems reasonable.  

The "Modified date" will change based on the date of actual installation.

It's possible that the third line is a "recent" installation of an older version of Parallel Studio.

          Does that help?


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Well, if the "modified date"

Well, if the "modified date" is the date the file was installed, that would explain it.  However, I have a file named w_fcompxe_redist_ia32_2013.5.198.msi whose file properties "modified date" is June 2013, and when I run this, the file LIBIOMP5MD.DLL has a "modified date" of June 2013.

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