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running intel compiled files on Linux



I have some codes which are compiled on Linux using Intel Fortran. I would like to run it on another Linux platform where I don't have intel. Is that a problem? 

I am asking this as the computation time on the second platform is double of the first one and I am trying to figure out the reason. One possibility is the incompatibility of compilers on these two platforms. Is that right or not?

If that is a case, then is there any way to get that file running on Linux without buying intel licence?





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You don't need a license from Intel to run programs compiled by Intel compilers. (Evaluation licenses do place some restrictions on programs you build under such licenses.)

If the program was linked to shared objects, you may need to install the Intel compiler redistributables, with the .so libraries, on that system. I generally recommend using the redistributables from the latest version available.

Linux is, as I like to say, "a twisty little maze of distros, all different", and it's certainly possible that a program might run on one distro and not another, but this is unusual.

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