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testing if dll files are created properly


I just wanted to check if my Fortran creates dll files OK, as something is wrong when I compile a subroutine using Wamit (a code for wave loads). I  use this command on a provided .f-routine


No changes in the routine, only compile. Then I get when I run Wamit:


If I use provided dll file it works. So, found a simple code online for check if dll files are created properly, but it did not work. 


I'm a novice in this (all I wanted to do was to run Wamit, and make minor changes in a subroutine), do anybody know what to do, or what is causing the errors?

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You evidently have a free-form Fortran source but named it with a .f file type, so the compiler thinks it is fixed form.  Rename your helloworld.f to helloworld.f90 See Doctor Fortran in "Source Form Just Wants to be Free" - Doctor Fortran (

I am unsure what you are trying to do. You can't take a main program and create a DLL from it.

The "Unable to start" error could be that you're mixing 32-bit and 64-bit, but you have shown only the error messages so it's hard to tell.

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