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undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memmove'


I have installed the fortran_studio_xe_2013_update4_intel64 and Roguewave_IMSL library. after installing it I ran the setup files before compiling the fortran code.

source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64
. /opt/intel/imsl/install/imsl/fnl710/lnxin140x64/bin/

In make file i have used ifort for creating objects and linking and i have included the shared library (LINK_FNL)  while linking.

while compiling the fortran code its throwing the error 

/opt/intel/imsl/install/imsl/fnl710/lnxin140x64/lib/ undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memmove'


Can you please assist on this.




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How are you doing the link? Are you using ld or ifort? Using ifort make sure that the correct libraries are linked in.

It is also possible that the IMSL library you're using (which would not have been obtained from Intel) requires a newer version of Intel Fortran than you are using. _intel_fast_memmove was added in the last few years, but I don't remember exactly when. Please check with RogueWave to see which Intel Fortran version they support for use with the IMSL version you are using.