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Annoucing Intel GPA version 4.2 Update 1 (Build 156824)

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Today, October 17th, 2011, the Intel GPA team announces Update 1 (Build 156824) to the 4.2 release. If you are a current user of the Intel GPA product, we recommend that you download, install, and start using this version.

If you are a registered owner of Intel GPA, you can download the update here. If this link doesn't work, or if you've never downloaded Intel GPA before, check out the Intel GPA Home Page to download the toolset.


  • This release includes Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA), Version 4.2 Update 1 (Build 156824), and fixes the following issues:
    • trace capture files may be missing certain metadata
    • when capturing a trace file, using a profile with "Capture Hardware Context Data" set to "True" may result in some frames not appearing in that trace file
    • the Statistics Panel in Intel GPA Platform Analyzer may display incorrect metric values for queue tasks
  • If you are upgrading from Intel GPA 4.1, see an overview of Intel GPA 4.2 features for changes included with the 4.2 release.
  • To use Intel GPA, download the latest Intel graphics drivers from the graphics driver update page. A script on this page examines your system configuration and updates the Intel graphics drivers. If the automatic update process fails, see the Intel Download Center to search for your particular chipset, then select the latest released driver for your operating system. When using non-Intel graphics devices, see the hardware vendor's site for the latest drivers for your system.
  • Please review the Release Notes for the product, as they contain important information for installing, configuring, and using Intel GPA.
  • For first-time users of Intel GPA, we recommend that you read the Intel GPA Getting Started Guide, which provides an overview of key concepts.
  • For additional information on the product, visit the Intel GPA Home Page; for product support, visit the Intel GPA Support Forum.

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As of the 5th of December, 2011, Intel GPA 4.3 has now been released and is the current version on the Intel GPA product for Microsoft Windows 7* and Microsoft Vista* users. As Intel GPA 4.3 does not support Microsoft Windows XP*, users of this OS should continue to use the Intel GPA 4.2 release.

See more information about the 4.3 release here, and Windows XP* users should read this KB article.


Neal P. (on behalf of the entire Intel GPA product team)
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