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Intel GPA Version 4.3 now available

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NOTE: Intel GPA 4.3 is no longer the latest version of the product. Please check the Intel GPA Home Page for information on how to download the latest release of the product.






As of the 5th of December, 2011, Intel GPA 4.3 has now been released and is the current version of the Intel GPA product for Microsoft Windows 7* and Microsoft Vista* users.

Intel GPA 4.3 includes the following new features and benefits:

  • Intel GPA Frame Analyzers new Advisors (Beta): The Frame Advisor and Erg Advisor identify potential issues at the frame and draw call level to quickly point you in the right direction for identifying potential trouble areas.
  • New Intel GPA System Analyzer: This remote version of the Intel GPA System Analyzer HUD allows client / target analysis over a network connection, enabling minimum overhead on platforms with limited resources such as netbooks.
  • Intel GPA Frame Analyzer updates: Many user-requested features have been added, including the ability to filter API details, and to enter the coordinates for the pixel of interest in the Pixel History panel.
  • Intel GPA Platform Analyzer updates: Now you can show/hide logical threads and display task states in the Task Timeline Panel.
  • Intel GPA Monitor updates: Launch the various Intel GPA tools from within the tool tray, and get notified when new versions of the Intel HD graphics driver become available.
  • Microsoft DirectX 9Ex* support added: New in this release, analyze workloads created using the Microsoft DirectX 9Ex* API.

In order to focus efforts on newer operating systems and technologies, Microsoft Windows XP* support has been removed from this release. If you need to use the Windows XP* OS, see this article for more information about your options.

See detailed information about the 4.3 release here.

Download Intel GPA Now!

Intel GPA is a powerful, agile developer tool suite for analyzing and optimizing games, media, and other graphics-intensive applications. Version 4.3 adds new features to the product, based upon recommendations from leading graphics developers such as yourself.

The product is available at no charge to members of Intel's Visual Adrenaline Developer Program. To download Intel GPA and register for Visual Adrenaline membership, use this link. For more information on membership in this free developer program, visit the Visual Adrenaline Home Page.

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