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Announcement: GPA 2015 R1 Released!

Hi all,

The Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce a new version of GPA!

This version is available today via direct download and will also be available as part of the 2015 INDE Update 2!

This update includes new OpenGL-ES debugging and performance features, new OSX and Linux support, an easier download process and all applications are available for free.

Latest changes and guides:

Download page:

INDE info page:

Thank you for your support!

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I have a Win 8.1 Pro x64 OS and I tried to download the new version in order to see if the MFX Decode/Encode metrics have been fixed (the release notes say nothing about this)

To my surprise there is no x64 update for GPA! Only x86 version!

The only x64 updates are for DirectX and OpenGL.

Why ? When are you going to release the x64 version of GPA for Media Metrics and do you know if the media metrics of MFX engine have been fixed ?



Hi Nikos,

Part of the recent changes to GPA is some renaming of packages. You will still find System Analyzer, the application used for analyzing media metrics in non-3d applications, contained within the "Windows* 7-8.1 Graphics Performance Analyzers for DirectX – 64bit (265 MB)" download package. 

It's unclear exactly what MFX Engine metrics defect you are referring too however the latest build does contain many bug fixes. If the latest build does not solve your problem feel free to provide more detail on the platform/OS you are using.



Yes, basically it works.

My system is Win 8.1 Pro x64 - Core i7 4790 - Drivers 4170

When I use System Analyzer or Analyze Application, MFX Engine, MFX Decode and MFX Encode all work as they should, always showing values without zeroes.

BUT both System Analyzer and Analyze Application work only with one by one file. So, after checking one video in order to check another you have to CLOSE System Analyzer and open it again or close the analyzed app by Analyze Application and open the app again!

They don't support continuous monitoring of files one after the other. This is very inconvenient when you want to check more than one file, you have to close and reopen the Sys Analyzer or the App.

If you don't close Sys Analyzer and reopen it, it shows only MFX Engine without MFX Decode or MFX Encode metrics

If you don't close the analyzed app and reopen it using Analyze Application, it shows nothing!

So, just one more addition and we are OK in everything!


We have seen this behavior before when rapidly beginning the transcode of a new file after just completing the transcode of a previous file. Although it remains unclear why Windows events are not seen in this case we did not see the issue when we inserted a delay between the transcoding of files. We happened to be using batch scripts so we simply added a 2 second timeout between files. While this may not be the most convenient workaround I recommend you experiment with similar delays and see if this unblocks you.





Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I tried with three different players (MPC-HC, MPC-BE, PotPlayer) to add a playlist and pause or stop the first file of the queue while playing and wait for a few seconds.

If I continue playing the same file, everything works OK - monitoring works.

If from the stopped/ paused first video, change to the second or any other video file from the list, I have no monitoring in both Analyze Application and System Analyzer.

I think you have to look at it again.


Hi Nikos,

I'm sorry the workaround did not fix the problem. Please be aware that we are tracking this issue however at this point it's believed that the cause is not within GPA code and therefore I don't have a clear estimate for when it may be fixed.