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In earlier versions (was called Intel GPA) there was a directx profiling mode that could be set to "Detailed" and would show just about every D3D calls, not just the DrawXXX calls.

I see the option is still there (DXAPPMETRICS) is the XML config file, but it is not there in the UI. Changing the XML file doesnt seems to work.


Can it still be turned on?

Talking of earlier version, is it possible to get my hands on an earlier version (13.3 is what we had I think), that would work too.


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Strange, I got a reply but it doesnt show up here. Anyway, his answer was:

Hi Mat, This option affects list of available metrics exposed by HUD and SystemAnalyzer adding a few more. What problem do you want to solve? Do you want to see api log in FrameAnalyzer, more api metrics in HUD/SystemAnalyzer or do smth else? What HW, what tool and DX version are you using? - Stas.

I should have mentionned that Im using the platform analyzer to look at our CPU rendering time. So for example, i'll be interested to see the different render states we create and set, and how much time we spend doing that CPU-wise. We already have basic instrumentation like "here we are drawing something", but this option (used to) allow me to add all these D3D little things (RSSetState, PSSetShaderResource, etc.) to the timeline without having to instrument my code further. I would leave the option to standard most of the time, but detailed came handing a few times when we were optimizing things like our internal D3D state-caching.

This was a couple years ago, and we were still in DX9 back then so the function calls were a bit different, but same concept. We are running DX11 on a 64-bit PC.