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GPA 4.2: Crash occurred (frame analyzer)

I can't launch GPA frame analyzer(ver. 4.2). It is closed with the message box saying "An unexpected error occurred". I did uninstall the application and re-installed but It still remained unfixed. there were no problem with prior versions and even with this version for a while. What's the problem?
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Sorry that you are running into problems using Intel GPA Frame Analyzer.

First of all, please provide us some information about your configuration -- right-click the Intel GPA Monitor icon in the notification tray and select "About...", then copy that information here.

Also, please tell me what you were doing when you saw this message, and include a screenshot of the message. For example, do you see the message when starting the tool, or when loading a frame capture file, or were you doing something else when the error appeared (such as running an experiment)?

But without seeing anything, I'm guessing that you're running on a 32-bit OS, and the error may be because you're running out of memory. For many large capture files, we recommend using Intel GPA Frame Analyzer on a system running a 64-bit OS with at least 4GB of memory. You can also run Intel GPA Frame Analyzer in a client/server configuration -- your server (or target machine) is the graphics system you want to analyze, and the client (or analysis machine) is where you would run Intel GPA Frame Analyzer. There's a more detailed description of this in the Intel GPA Help File, in the section titled "Loading a Frame Capture File" (look for the sub-heading "Loading a Frame Capture File in Network Mode").

Hopefully this helps... please provide the information I asked for, so I can figure out what I can do to quickly resolve this issue.

Thanks again for using Intel GPA!


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