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GPA can't open an S5 captured frame


Having happily used Intel GPA for a few years to capture and analyze frames of D3D9 Windows games, I was happy to see that it was now supporting Arm based android devices.
I’ve been able to capture some frames from my application running on my target Samsung Galaxy S5 without much trouble.

However, I am not been able to analyze those captured frames.
When I go in the Intel® INDE Graphics Frame Analyzer, I see my various captured frames (from PC or from the S5) in the open file dialog.
They show fine with a preview picture.
Analysing PC captured frames work fine, but upon opening an S5 captured frame, I hit trouble.
It always starts with a long wait with a small Status window saying: “”

That window message eventually changes to “Failed to get network address” and an error modal dialog appears saying: “There was an error with playback on device xxxxxxxx which requires you to restart your session. Make sure GPA is no longer running on your device and click OK to restart….”
I am running wuth GFA 2014 R3 (14.3.232800).
Hence my questions:

  1. Is the S5 not supported for playback?

  2. Are other people able to use the S5 along with GPA/GFA

  3. Is there a known bug in the software?

  4. Is this a user error (like I missed a step).


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Can you provide the output of "adb shell getprop"?  Also, can you please let us know whether your Android system is running the latest firmware available for that device?

For solving your problem -

You may wish to try latest build of Frame Debugger instead of Frame Analyzer.  Even though this device is not specifically supported at this time, it may still work.  You can find our supported devices list at, we update the list as we add support for new devices.


Hi Omkar,


Thanks for getting back to me.

A few things have happened since I posted that message.
I had to upgrade my target Samsung S5 device OS to the latest Android 5.0 (Lollipop).
I also upgraded Intel® INDE to version 2015 so I am now using version 2014-R4 of the tools.

After I completed the Android OS upgrade, I could no longer even capture a frame (either with 2014-R3 or 2014-R4).
When I launch the System Analyzer, I do see my device, but when I try to connect to it, I get an error “Cannot run application. This platform is not debuggable. Contact the GPA support team.”

So it looks like Android 5.0 is not supported at all (as indicates) since I could capture some frames just fine before with Android 4.x (I just could not analyze them).

Do you have any ETA for such support to happen?

As for using the "
Frame Debugger", I am currently using the free edition so I don't have access to that tool although I could try an evaluation license of the Pro version. Note that this is for a Marmalade built application so it is not built using the Intel framework, would not that be an issue for using the "Frame Debugger" ?




Though Intel GPA suit currently does not support your device, but still it may work.

This error may be occurring due to a broken run-as command in the android releaseTo verify this, could you please run following command and check the output ?

command : "adb shell run-as <package name>" ( <package name> is the package name which you can get using "adb shell pm list packages" )

If the output is something like "package name is unknown", then your system has the "bad" version of the "run-as" command. ( This problem was reported in an earlier release of android )

for fixing run-as issue : 1) Root the device OR 2) use a android device/version which does not have this issue.

for more information, you may take a look at this post :


Hi Omkar,

Thanks again for your support.
Using adb shell run-as with any package name, like for example “adb shell run-as” will indeed result with a “run-as: Package '' is unknown” like message.

However, I was under the impression that the run-as problem was an android 4.3 problem and had been fixed a while ago. I am currently using the latest android version (5.0) so perhaps this is not the case.
Rooting my target device is not an option at the moment so it looks like I am stuck for the time being.
Isn’t there a way for Intel to work around that problem? I mean, the Adreno Profiler from Qualcomm does connect and works fine with my device as is, so I would imagine Intel GPA can too somehow?



It seems like android 5 also has the same problem. Unfortunately there is no work around for this issue yet. Only options as of now are re-flashing the device with a version of android which does not have run-as issue or rooting the device.


one year passed, Now we are coming with Android N, I have NEXUS6 Android N preview4,

While Intel is said GPA can support Android ARM targets, but I still fail to start android applications to debug with it:

ref host info below and target OS prop. attached

Windows 8.1 build 9600, 64-bit DEP enabled
Num Processors: 4
Memory: 16303MB
System BIOS: LENOVO A2KT44AUS (03/13/2014)
Driver 0:
     Device: NVIDIA Quadro K2000
     Provider: NVIDIA
     Date: 11-5-2015
     VendorId: 10de
     ProductId: ffe
     Stepping: a1
     No support for GPA Instrumentation
Install directory: C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA_16.1\
Version: 16.1.282401
Current user is in Administrators group: YES
Current Graphics Performance Analyzers 2016 R1 (16.1.282401)
Secure Boot/Trusted Boot is Disabled
"Auto-detect launched applications" is On


C:\Users\Azlun\Desktop\VR test>adb shell run-as
run-as: Package '' is not debuggable


the phone reset once use the GPA system anylizer  CONNECT key after I I see the SN on windows


Hi Azlun, 

Sorry that you are running into these issues. 

At this time, we currently do not support Android N.  So once you do get your application injected with GPA, the metrics you will see will be a subset.  In addition, only live analysis targets are supported for ARM hardware since we have limited access to GPU metrics on non-Intel hardware.   

To deal with the not able to connect issues, is your device rooted?  If not you will need the application built with debug flags enabled. See the following link for more info on this: 

Let me know if you can successfully attach to an application!