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GPA cannot attach to app running on AMD graphics device (MonitorLog.txt captures error Win32 Error 0x0000010B)



I'm trying to analyze a 3D application to learn more about it from here and I can't really get the Graphics Monitor to attach.

I've been able to attach to a lot of different processes before, so I know it works on my machine. Reading through the forums and I found out about the MonitorLog.txt file. 

I've also tried moving the application to a different directory just in case the file path would cause issues, but that wasn't the case.

In the logs folder I get a log saying "GPA shim DLL attached." but shortly after I get the task bar notification saying it failed.

Any tips/ideas on how to get around this?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry that you are running into this problem.

But I'll need some more information about your configuration -- please right-click on the GPA Monitor in the notification tray and select "About..." and copy that here.

Please also be sure that you have the latest version of GPA installed and that you have also installed the latest graphics drivers and BIOS for your system.

Also, are you running in "auto detect" mode or using "analyze application"?





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Hi Neal,

Thanks for the reply. Here are the details you requested:


Windows 7 build 7601, 64-bit DEP enabled
Num Processors: 8
Memory: 8146MB
System BIOS: Dell Inc. A17 (12/23/2013)
Video BIOS: 07/05/12
Driver 0:
     Device: AMD Radeon HD 7570
     Provider: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
     Date: 12-6-2011
     Version: 8.922.0.0
     VendorId: 1002
     ProductId: 675d
     Stepping: 0
     No support for GPA Instrumentation
Install directory: C:\Intel\INDE\GPA\
Version: 14.3.232800
Current user is in Administrators group: YES
Current Graphics Performance Analyzers 2014 R3 (14.3.232800)
Secure Boot/Trusted Boot is Disabled

I have the latest version of Intel GPA as when I click the Update button, it says "No updates are available at this time".

Before updating to the latest driver I'd like to know if that is something that could potentially solve the issue. I am a bit weary of updating drivers due to past experiences I've had. I can see there is a new driver available here and wouldn't mind downloading it.

Lastly, I am running on auto-detect mode. I can try doing a command line boot of the application since there is a window that pops up on the middle before seeing the application (a sort of launcher) but I assume I can circumvent that.

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Thanks for the additional info.

I can't guarantee that installing the latest driver will help, especially if you only see the problem when running GPA. But we have seen issues with older drivers, especially on non-Intel graphics devices. This is why the development team only uses devices with the latest graphics drivers and firmware installed.

Also, this is an older AMD device (about three years old), and AMD devices are not officially supported by GPA (see the GPA release notes). Therefore to raise the priority of this issue it would be helpful if you could duplicate the problem on a recent Intel graphics device. If you don't have an Intel graphics device available, please include a copy of the exact executable you used and I can give it a try.

Thanks again for your patience!


PS-> Though not supported, we try to test GPA with the latest generation of non-Intel graphics devices.

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