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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer 2022.1 Release is Out!


Hello All, 

The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce Intel® GPA 2022.1!

You can download Intel® GPA 2022.1 for FREE from the Intel® GPA homepage.

Watch the full release video here!


What’s new?

All Tools

  • Support for Intel® Xe-HPG (previously known as DG2)
  • Support for Intel® Iris® Xe graphics

 Graphics Frame Analyzer

  • Added Shader Table for DirectX* Raytracing applications. The table visualizes all shaders that can be potentially be executed as a result of a DispatchRays call. The Shader Table contains the following performance metrics for each shader:
    • Duration,
    • Hardware thread count,
    • SIMD occupancy,
    • SIMD active channel. 
  • Added support for Intel® Xe Super Sampling (XeSS). You can now view  metrics and resources for XeSS-generated Dispatch events. 
  • Added the Resource Creation Parameters view. You can now view the descriptor with available parameters for DirectX resources. 
  • Grouping by Pipeline State now takes Raytracing Pipeline States into account 
  • Grouping by Debug Regions option is now persistent even if a frame doesn’t have debug regions.

Graphics Monitor

  • Added Stream and Trace mode support for the Injection skip list. It is now possible to define the list of processes which will not be injected. This feature is useful when either injection into helper processes might cause conflicts with Intel® GPA or there is no need to generate continuous streams for all forked processes.

Graphics Trace Analyzer

  • Added support for Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Video Processing Library (oneVPL).
  • Reduced overhead of Event Tracing for Windows* (ETW) and Instrumentation and Tracing Technology (ITT) data collection.
  • Added full names for CPUs. You can now view detailed information about your CPU in the Trace Content and Trace Info panes.

Intel® GPA Framework 

  • Added support for XeSS capture and playback, both continuous and deferred modes.
  • Added a new flag to the gpa-injector that enables you to skip injection of processes that you add to the user-defined skip list.
  • Added the capability to the gpa_player to report its process name as the name of the original captured process to allow profiling of the process with driver level game specific optimizations.
  • Added support for Windows 11 SDK (10.0.22000.0).
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