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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2021.1 Release is Out!


Hello All, 

The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce Intel® GPA 2021.1!

You can download Intel® GPA 2021.1 for FREE from the Intel® GPA homepage.

Watch the full release video here!

What’s new?

Graphics Frame Analyzer

  • Improved the quality of DirectX* 12 multi-frame stream capture and playback.
  • Enabled multi-frame profiling by default for DirectX* 12.
  • Added Technical Preview of multi-frame profiling for DirectX* 11

Graphics Trace Analyzer

  • Completed full support for synchronization by adding support for WinAPI, allowing visualization of CPU Signal calls signalling WaitForSingleObject or WaitForMultipleObjects.
  • Enhanced thread zone visualization. The green line over each CPU thread track coordinating with bright blue coloring of the call time indicates that the thread is active. Elsewhere, the thread is inactive.
  • Adjusted metrics tracks to display the full percentage range, 0% to 100% for a better relative assessment. This can be toggled back to the actual available range for each track.

Intel® GPA Framework

  • Full support implemented for multi-frame analysis of DirectX* 12 workloads by improving the quality of stream capture and playback
  • Technical Preview implemented for multi-frame analysis of DirectX* 11 workloads
  • Enabled collection of the Intel Metrics Detection library-based metrics so that developers who have platforms with multiple Intel GPUs can collect query-based metrics for both GPUs
  • Support for Vulkan SDK 1.2.148. Please update Vulkan SDK to build against GPA Framework
  • Support for Windows SDK 19041. Maintains backward compatibility with the previous SDK

View the full release notes and product announcement for more details.

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