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RainbowSix.exe application unable to start correctly when running from GPA Monitor


When I enable auto-detect launched applications and either run the application (RainbowSix.exe) from ubisoft connect or through the gpa monitor I get an error saying that it is unable to start correctly (0xc0000142), but when I disable auto detect launched applications and run the application through gpa monitor it just doesn't attach to the game but the game launches. Any ideas on how to launch the game and have gpa attached to it I've tried a lot of things but none have seemed to work even with other versions of gpa. Any which way I try to launch the application it either does not attach or it gives the unable to start correctly error.

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Let me get some general info to make sure I address the issue correctly.

What is your platform and GPA version? If you open Graphics Monitor and click on the "i" button at the top right of the window, scroll to the bottom and hit "copy", you can paste all that in here to get me the relevant information.

And, just to clarify, GPA's Graphics Monitor opens and runs fine, except that you get the error and the capture window won't open?


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