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Using GPA Framework to automate GPU frame time benchmarking


I'm trying to incorporate GPU frame time metric capture into the automated tests of a DirectX 11 Unity game. I can see this metric when running the Graphics Monitor in Frame mode, but when I capture a Stream and open it for viewing, the only metric it contains is CPU frame time. I have metrics collection turned on in the options, and "GPU time elapsed" is in the list.

Ideally I would read this metric from a script, which seems to be the purpose of metrics-collection-sample.exe, but running this on a captured stream returns "No metrics source and QueryManager available".

Any suggestions for getting this working would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, there is no Framework "tool" yet to provide GPU duration for the portions of a frame, or the full frame of a specified stream. However, we are working on such a tool, based on the metrics-collection-sample (that you referred to). It will allow the metrics collected to be explicitly identified so that you can extract or aggregate that which you are interested in.
I will check on the release time frame and get back to you.