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System Analyzer crashes silently with simple WPF app


I have been troubleshooting a strange performance problem on Windows with a NUC PC, 11th gen Intel hardware. I have it down to a very simple WPF application on .NET 6: five lines of code. In the test app, a simple 4K video is played with a clip rectangle applied, and GPU usage is very high ... until you resize the window. Even a one-pixel resize in either direction, and the GPU usage drops immediately and significantly. This is causing a lot of trouble for us with our production application, because we don't have the GPU headroom to do all of the graphics stuff we need to do smoothly.

I downloaded the GPA suite -- lovely tools! -- to try and figure out what the cause is. In Graphics Monitor, I launch the app in Frame mode, and then I launch the System Analyzer, and it gives me real-time statistics, as expected. When I resize the window ... poof! My app crashes silently, and the System Analyzer crashes silently. Both windows just disappear.

It's my belief that this is a driver issue -- I've tried all different versions of Intel drivers, but they all behave the same on this PC. On any other hardware, even earlier-generation NUCs, my Dell laptop, etc., this problem does not exist -- only on 11th Gen Intel NUCs.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem? Thank you.

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So, I responded only to the poster. Here's what I said:

Dave - Have you resolved your issue?


It's hard to say what the issue is if we can't capture the issue. Obviously, this is the GPA forum, and the issue exists without GPA, so helping you with GPA might be futile for this issue.


I think you are correct that the issue is down deeper. It's possible that WPF does something that our 11th gen drivers don't account for. Please tell me if you are still experiencing this anomaly. If so, tell me the following info so I can escalate to the driver team. Or you can post in the Graphics forum: Graphics - Intel Community

  • Windows version (including build)
  • Visual Studio Version
  • code sample
  • if you know which drivers you tested, the list of drivers
  • Processor specs




P.S. I'm glad you like GPA. I love it too. If you are interested in bottleneck analysis, check out this video we did with Soma Games. With GPA's bottleneck analysis combined with some of our other features, they increased performance on Intel iGPU - 6 to 27 FPS and on Intel/NVIDIA- from 50 to 181 FPS. Watch the analysis live in minutes 4-20.


P.P.S. A couple more use cases that I did last year: Video Series: Use Cases for Intel® GPA - one shows our Graphics Trace Analyzer tool and how you can easily visualize the work in the CPU cores as well as see the correlations between the calls from the CPU threads to the packages in the GPU queue to the packages executing in the GPU; the other explains the precise meaning of EU stall, EU idle, Thread Occupancy and EU Active and what various combinations of those metrics mean for your graphics pipeline.

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