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Why do we want GPA to support AMD and NVIDIA?


We want to sell more Intel hardware. Really.

The more you optimize your game, the more platforms you can target.  That's a win-win for you and us (Game Devs, Intel and the GPA team). We spend time and effort testing games on competing hardware so you can use GPA anywhere. If you capture and play back on competing hardware, you won't see all the GPU data because we (meaning GPA utilities) don't have access to it. BUT, most of the time* you can capture on that competing hardware, and play back (open your frames) on the integrated GPU (in Graphics Frame Analyzer multi-frame view - select your desired playback GPU on the upper left). If that integrated, or onboard, GPU is Intel, then you have access to all the hardware counters - potentially 1000's of data elements. You can do a lot with just EU Stall, EU Active and EU Thread Occupancy. But there is tons of other information that you will have access to if you analyze your frames on Intel hardware.

* Not "all the time" because we can't guarantee GPA will support all competing hardware platforms.

Cheers, and Happy Profiling

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