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A question about color space conversion


Hi, I am doing an image edge detection project by high level synthesis. In platform designer, I added four university program IPs in series, they are VIP to raw, color space converter(RGB to grey-scale), color space converter(grey-scale to RGB), but the displayed image on the displayer is still a grey-scale image, not a RGB one. I dont know why I got a grey-scale image because the second color space converter is to convert grey-scale to RGB. Could anyone tell me the reason? Thanks


The attachment picture 'PD' is the screenshot of platform designer, please ignore 'GaussianSobelHLS' custom IP, I did not use this IP in the aforementioned experiment.

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Hi Zikun, Perhaps you can check out VIP user guide doc to lookout for potential answer • There are few things that I think you can try out • Have you validate your “colour space converter” IP setting is correct ? Some of the important parameter setting to watchout like unsigned data type, guard bands and color mode conversion • Have you bypass your Quartus design to ensure your GPU can display correct color format to your monitor correctly ? • You may also want to try reduce your GPU video resolution • Another thing is have you check your Quartus design compilation timequest report to ensure there is no timing failure in your design ? • Finally, you may also want to try out other color mode conversion instead of grayscale to see if it work ? Thanks. Regards, dlim
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