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How to create the NVM file that merged the latest TBT TR DP NVM file and the FW of PD Controller


I am sorry if the location that I posted is incorrect.

My customer has WHL reference board, which can attach the TBT TR AIC. I would like to create the new NVM file that merged the latest TBT TR NVM file(TR_EP_4C_C1_rev39_NOSEC_sign.bin) and TI 83 PD FW file(983_TBT_TR_AIC_6p59_lowregion.bin). I tried to merge both files using Imaginarium 2(Imaginarium2 4.12.3), but the memory size of the merged file is smaller than the NVM file that is download from the AIC. When I flashed my merged NVM file to SPI flash memory on AIC, I can't see the stable operation. Please inform me about how to merge both TR NVM and TI PD NVM for AIC.



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