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Intel HLS Compiler - BEGIN Failed - Compilation Aborted.


I have download and installed Quartus Prime 18.1 Standard Edition / Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / Model Sim - Intel FPGA Starter Edition and followed the steps given in HLS Compiler Getting Started Guide.

I have installed and initialize HLS compiler on Windows as it is given in guide. I have set environment variables as mentioned in guide. However, when I try to run a HLS Design Example and Run the build.bat test-x86-64.

I got the following error; hlshata.JPG


I have checked the directories;


I have checked forum and could not find any solution, on internet it is said that the Perl can be checked. I have checked and there exists Perl 5.28.1 exe and other documents under D:\intelFPGA\18.1\hls\host\windows64\bin\perl\bin .


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  1. Run the command perl --version on your command prompt, if it gives you an error message you probably need to add an entry to your PATH environment variable.My Computer and select "Properties", then click on the "Advanced" tab and select "Environment Variables". Under your User variables, click "New", and create a variable named Path with the value C:\strawberry\perl\bin
  2. Also try by installing latest version of perl.


Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.





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