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OpenCL reconfiguration duration and blocking



I am currently using 'OpenCL 1.0 Intel(R) FPGA SDK for OpenCL(TM), Version 19.2' on a PAC 5005 (Stratix 10) card to offload OpenCL-kernels to the FPGA.

Suppose there are two cl_programs prog1 and prog2 (i.e. bitstreams), each program contains a simple cl_kernel function, kern1 and kern2. When at least one instance of each kernel is enqueued (possibly into different command queues), at some point the bitstream has to be re-programmed. During this time, strace shows a slow  ioctl() on /dev/intel-fpga-fme.0.

I have a few questions regarding this. Maybe someone with more experience with the runtime could help me.

  1. Is it typical for a reconfiguration to take roughly 2 seconds (for a ~16 MB .aocx file)?
  2. Is there any way to speed this up, e.g. with prefetching, with or without OpenCL?
  3. During the reconfiguration the card seems completely blocked, i.e. even data movement from/to the global memory stops (or rather the copy tasks must finish first). Is there a way around that?

If you need more concrete code-samples and/or profiles, just let me know.


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