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[solved] Arria 10 HPS OpenCL Compile problem, no hps_isw_handoff folder HPS Opencl host, SD Boot


Hello Guys and Girls,


I am working on a small project with an Arria 10 SOC Dev Kit from dreamchip.


I got the Board package for the SD card build with the edits for compiling to run an openCL compiled design from HPS.


( Normal Quartus design works without a problem. I did several verssions of a FPGA test based on the GHRD SD card package, works like a charm. thanks to the intense documentation at Rocketboards. Awesome :smile: )




The Environment runs at Quartus 17.0.2 Pro, Full setup with all libs on Windows 10.


Exported all nescessary paths. also Boardpath and the board is recognized from aoc.


if i start compilation of the example. it compiles and runs through it flawlessly.

Except it doesnt generate the HPS folders needet to create the U-Boot loader and kernel and DTS DTB files.

No DTS files and also the board xml is missing. I wonder what the usual steps are for having the blank or a hello world .cl running from the HPS.

I looked up the rocketboards instructions for the cyclone5 sodia board with opencl.

Also i compared the settings of the failing project qsys to the ghrd qsys to find a setting in the hps which is different. except of some more parts no setting is different. maybe i look at the wrong place. i want to put the aocx file on the sdcard rootfs and just boot up the arria 10 and then run the aocx.


the step by step guide i saw said, build the .cl

build the kerneldriver against the board directory, ( Done and worked )

build uboot with dtb ( fails, because bsp-editor has no data to work with. missing isw_handoff )

build kernel, todo

build rootfs, ( done. full debian 9 stretch, not busybox, including soceds and opencl runtimes )

make sdcard. hahahaha yep. want to but missing parts.


If anyone has an idea, i would be very happy.


Greetings Thomas

I hope its understandable.

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Hello ,

Is your project qsys file has HPS ? and you are not able to see the handoff folder when compiling?

the xml file and device tree are not part of Quartus compilation, they should be available in the GHRD.





Hello @FJumaah​ ,


It is a QSYS with HPS,


i got the isw_handoff folder when i send the command aoc --bsp-flow=base

I took also the xml files from the ghrd, ( only 2 existing ...Base_board and ...common_board )

at the moment i have still some troubles. i got it working to full boot from sd card but in DTS / DTB built i had errors about base_iopll node.

I booted the system and installed the kernel module which died with an Kernelpanic ii checked the BSP and I found out that one IP file in the BSP was ipbackup not ip. i changed it and now its running.

Still have the u-boot panic when i try network related commands but hey it boots from SD now fully.


Testing more....


Thank You :-)







I am a manager for the engineer assigned to this case who is currently on vacation for the next 3 weeks, may I know the status of this issue at your end? What are the outstanding questions/issues? I can then decide if I need to transfer this case to a new engineer. Thank you.


I solved this particular issue.


There were some errors in the supplier provided OpenCL BSP package.


Mr NRaml, I sent You a PM because there are some more things related to OpenCL BSP.....


Greetings Thomas


Hi @TLeng2, Good to know that you have solved your issue. Sorry that I missed to read your message in-time. Responding to your message, just to let you know there are 25 engineers are supporting the forums today. So should you have any further questions, please do post a question here and an engineer will be assigned to you to help with your case. FYI, we provide support to all the questions that come in through the forums here so rest assured that your questions will be looked at.


If you think you are not getting the support you need, please reach out to me at Thanks.