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AMX Analysis - GNU & Intel

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I would like to explore AVX behaviour with some HPC scientific-applications with both Intel & GNU Compilers. I havefew queries -

(a) Can I get the EVAL version for Intel AVX Simulator on Linux. If YES, this EVAL version would be for how many days?

(b) Can I simulate AVX with GNU Compiler Toolchain (GCC - 4.4, Binutils-, & Glibc-2.7)?

Also, can I get a link to download tar source of GCC-v4.4?

(c) I douse Intel Compiler (v-10.0), can I have Intel AVX library support on this Intel-v10.0 compiler toolchain?
Above analysis 'll be doing onClovertown processor from Intel.

Looking forward.


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771 Views still carries a link to the SDE download page.

The recent gnu binutils, as you mentioned, is needed for AVX code generated by gcc or otherwise. As far as I know, glibc 2.5 through 2.8 have been tested successfully with gcc 4.4 under linux x86_64.

Weekly snapshot tarballs of gcc 4.4 source code are posted at gcc supports only the 128-bit subset of AVX. Pre-built binaries for Fortran and C are available at gfortran wiki.

The AVX option, with full support for the instructions planned for hardware 2 years from now, should be present in Intel 11.1 compilers, As 11.0 just released, that would be some months away.

Even though Core i7 has significantly relaxed alignment requirements for the 128-bit operations, compared with Core 2, the 256-bit AVX on the first hardware implementations is expected to be strongly dependent on 16-byte alignments

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