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Entry level Gaming PC- Intel

Hey guys, I don't know right topic  I have chosen but I really want to share
Entry level Gaming Rig
In this part of the review I will consider a Intel based PC. It is aimed at entry level gamers who are on a low budget. This PC will give a good gaming experience with resolutions up to 1280x1024 or 1440x900 with up to 2x anti aliasing.
Processor: Intel Core2Duo E7500/E5200 – Rs 6,000/3,200
This processor is clocked at 2.93GHz. It has 3MB of L2 cache and is built on 45nm technology.
This processor is good for an entry level gamer. It has some decent overclocking potential too.
Low power consumption, good overclocking and great performance for the cost are the major advantages of this processor make it the perfect pick for this range. You could also got for the intel E5200(2.5GHz,2MB cache,800MHz FSB). You will save Rs3000 with that. You can use that for buying a Full HD 22" monitor instead of a 19".
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L motherboard – Rs 2,700
This board meets all the basic needs of an entry level gamer. It supports DDR2 memory, has a PCIe 16x slot and supports Quad core processors. It has onboard 6ch audio and onboard lan. The board is micro ATX. It also has some decent power saving features. The BIOS does have some overclocking features too. Supports 4GB of RAM, which should be enough for most games.
Memory: 4GB (2x2) Corsair XMS 2 DDR2 800MHz- Rs3,200
This is good quality RAM at a good price. It can be found for even lower rates.
Graphics Card: Nvidia 9600GT or ATI 4670
Here you have 2 options. You can either get a ATI4670 or a 9600GT green / eco edition. I would prefer the 9600 as its a bit more powerful, but u need to make sure you get the correct edition. The green/eco edition do NOT require a 6 pin PCIe power connector and hence u can stay with the same PSU that u had got with your case.
ATI 4670 1GB- Rs 5,000
Nvidia 9600GT 512MB- Rs 5,500
Harddisk: 500GB SATA Segate – Rs 2,700
Good quality at a decent price. 500GB is almost the minimum with any gaming PC IMO. 500GB should be enough to store all your favourite games, music and movies.
Optical Drive: Sony DVD RW – Rs1,100
Bluray drives are still very costly and no real need now. Nothing great about the sony, u can go for any brand u like.
There are many brands out there that provide inexpensive cases with a PSU. You can see iball, they have many cases and you can choose according to your taste. They generally cost almost the same.
Iball Gamer(with PSU) – Rs 1,800
In some places, you can get a coolermaster Case with PSU. In bangalore, you can get a coolermaster RC690 with a 460W PSU for Rs 4500.
The total comes to about Rs24,000. Do remember that you still need a monitor and a keyboard and mouse. I would recommend a 19” LCD monitor for these graphics cards.
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